EDIT: 7/8/13


Instead of putting 5 points in illusions, put it into Inspiration for the condition removal on shatter. Alternative if you don’t like the 5 in illusions and are lacking condition removal.


About the build:

This build utilizes both phantasms and shatters. Since phantasms don’t attack all that frequently and are generally killed off before they get a second chance to attack, make the most of them with your shatters.

Trait distribution focuses on glamour skills and giving phantasms a boost in power.

Another player pointed out that I forgot to mention Diversion. Not only do people really not pay much attention to this shatter, but it’s incredibly efficient with this build. Shattering with diversion=more stacks of vulnerability. Diversion is definitely strongest when used with a mix of clones and phantasms.

Here’s the great thing about throwing phantasms into your Diversion shatters: the more spread out they are, the longer their target will be dazed. Daze does not stack in duration. However, if you have a berserker that’s right up against the boss, and a duelist or other ranged clone that’s farther away, generally the ranged phantasms/clones are going to spend longer than one second running to the target. This leads to multiple dazes with the same shatter.

Also, don’t forget about your Distortion! Although it has a longer cooldown, it’s a great “panic button”, especially if you have three illusions up. This can get you out of a tight situation.
For gear:

Ascended, ascended, ascended!

If you have all-stat ascended back pieces, great. If not….well, join the “I hate fractals” club. (But you’ll really want need to get these for the best overall dps.)

For armor, you’ll want Knight’s chest and leggings, valkyrie’s helm, gloves and shoulders, and zerker boots. Feel free to swap around the minor pieces. You’ll want to slot your gear with 6 emerald orbs.

Sigils: Sup sigil of energy x2 one on greatsword, one on the main hand of your second weapons set, Frailty xhowever many offhand weapons you swap with.

For weapons, I run with all berserker stats. If I could, I’d be running 1-2 of those as cavalier weapons. Again, it depends on how much you like fractals. (I may be wrong, but I think that’s the only place you can get them to drop.)

For accessories, I’m running straight zerker. Really, you’ll want to run zerker trinkets with emerald orbs instead for added toughness and more precision. Cavalier’s back piece preferred, zerker can be substituted. In the long run, you’ll want to continue working towards ascended trinkets/back piece. This is an absolute must for maximizing your dps.

Now that you have an idea on what you’re getting into, here’s the guide.